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Non-dairy sources of calcium

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium Calcium is very important to your health, in fact, you have more calcium in your body than any other mineral. It makes up much of your bones and plays other important roles for good health. A large percentage of the population does not meet their calcium...
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Osteoporosis - Not Just a Woman's Disease

Osteoporosis - Not Just A Woman’s Disease When you think of osteoporosis, you probably think of an elderly woman you see walking stooped over with a cane. It is not just a female affliction. Men’s bones can become brittle, too – and often with worse effects. In actuality, 1.5 million...
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MRI vs CT scan

MRI vs CT scan -- Alike but Different Your doctor has ordered a scan, MRI or CT. These both provide more detailed images of the body than a regular x-ray examination, but in different ways. MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, uses powerful magnets and pulsing radio waves. The data collected is...
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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or Ulnar Nerve Entrapment is similar to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in that it often evolves from repetitive flexion, in this case of the elbow. The ulnar nerve runs in a groove on the inner side of the elbow. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome develops when the...
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Steps to Help Reduce the Risk Almost everyone uses a keyboard these days, either at work, at home, or both as communicating by computer and cell phone is the new normal. Repetitive motions, such as typing, or any motions of the wrist that you do over...
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Total Joint Trivia

Total Joint Trivia – Did You Know? Many of you have undergone hip or knee replacements, or are planning to or may need to in the future. Here are some interesting facts about joint total replacements, when they were first done, how many are done, and the averages regarding age,...
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Pets - They Are Good For Your Health

Pets - They Are Good For Your Health! Did you know there are many health benefits of owning a pet? Most households in the United States have at least one pet. Check out this list of benefits from the Centers of Disease Control – and if you don’t have a...
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Overdone your New Year's Resolution?

Overdone your New Year’s Resolution? Was your New Year’s Resolution this year to get fit and in shape? Good for you! Almost half of all resolutions fall into this category. We are now almost a month into the New Year. If you have kept up with your commitment, you have...
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Tips to Prevent Falls in the Winter

Tips to Prevent Falls in the Winter Months Winter has arrived, and with the snow and ice comes a greater risk for falls. Here are some great tips to help prevent falls during these snowy days of winter: 1. Wear shoes/boots with good traction and/or invest in some of the...
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Your doctor has recommended an arthroscopy. Your neighbor just had a “scope” on his knee. Just what is an arthroscopy and what is the difference between that and open surgery. Arthroscopy is a surgery orthopedic surgeons use to visualize, diagnose, and treat problems inside a joint. The word arthroscopy comes...
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