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Balance - It's Important for Everyone!

Falling actually kills more women every year than breast cancer. As we get older, falling becomes a more serious problem. Balance falls into the same “use it or lose it” category that you associate with movement. There are many things you can do to maintain your muscle strength and flexibility...
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Do You Follow Doctor's Orders?

At the end of a doctor visit or hospital stay, a list of Do’s and Don’ts is usually given to patients to provide them with the tools they need to have a successful outcome, be it from an injury or a surgical procedure. These Do’s and Don’ts are developed over...
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Are You "Double Jointed"?

We all know that kid from elementary who was able to bend their fingers back more than we thought was humanly possible. When you reacted, they would respond “Oh, I’m double jointed”. The term double jointed implies that a person with unusual flexibility has twice the average number of joints...
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Protecting Your Skin from the Summer Sun

Summer time may be winding down, but there are still plenty of sunny days left for those outside activities! Please review the following tips to prevent sunburn, sun damage, and even skin cancer that can result from long exposure to the sun. Times to avoid If you can avoid it,...
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A Safe Return to Sport

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes have found themselves in the place they never wish to be found…on the bench. Unfortunately, for the past few months, our athletes have only been able to dream of being on the field, court, track, or mat. Hard work in years past...
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Water Aerobics

Need another option for some exercise as the warmer weather sets in? Water aerobics are a great low impact way to get in shape and enjoy the water. Many gyms include pools and have classes in water aerobics. Some city swimming pools also offer special hours set aside for adults...
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Top Football Injuries to be Aware of This Season

Football practices are just beginning. With the combination of high speeds and full contact, injuries can occur during practice and games. Below are the top 6 preventable football injuries to be aware of this season. Knees: Knee injuries in football are the most common injuries, especially to the anterior or...
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What a Difference a Few Pounds can Make!

Being in a healthy weight range is important for every system in your body, including your joints! There are two ways that being overweight can raise your risk of developing osteoarthritis – the most common joint disorder - which is due to wear and tear on a joint. The more...
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Hula Hooping - For Fun AND Exercise?

You probably remember hula hooping as a kid, or maybe your grandchildren have one they play with. Well, that “toy” is becoming an activity (exercise) that people of all ages use to get in shape and stay healthy. It has some amazing benefits for your adult body and is an...
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It's Never Too Late To Start Exercising

Do you feel you are too out of shape or too old to start an exercise routine? It is never too late to begin to exercise. In fact, the older you get, the more benefits there are to exercising. It provides full body and mind benefits for everyone to do...
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