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Orthopedic Specialists' doctors are often featured in news media as leading orthopedic surgeons and specialists in providing high quality care in virtually all areas of the body. Bookmark this page and check back often to see the latest news and events on Orthopedic Specialists, its expert team of orthopedic surgeons and specialists, and its line of orthopedic services.

Top Football Injuries to be Aware of This Season

Football season is in full swing. With the combination of high speeds and full contact, injuries occur during games and practice. Below are the top 6 preventable football injuries to be aware of this season. Knees: Knee injuries in football are the most common injuries, especially to the anterior or...
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MRI vs CT Scan - Alike But Different

Your doctor has ordered a scan, MRI or CT. These both provide more detailed images of the body than a regular x-ray examination, but in different ways. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) uses powerful magnets and pulsing radio waves. The data collected is reconstructed into a 2-dimensional illustration of the imaged...
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ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL – What Are They & Where Are They Located?

Most of us probably know someone who has had an ACL tear/reconstruction, or have watched a football or basketball player be carted off the field or court with what the announcers assume is an ACL injury. Just what is an ACL and where is it located; and did you know...
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Do Your Joints Forecast the Weather?

Do your joints tend to be more stiff and achy when the weather changes? Scientists have tried to explain this connection for years and are still not 100% positive of their results; however, more than 60% of osteoarthritis patients report their symptoms vary with weather conditions. Studies have found a...
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Welcome Back to School and Football Season!

School is back in session and with it the beginning of the much-loved football season! The teams have been practicing for a few weeks, and the Friday night games have begun. Football is the leading cause of school sports injuries. In 2012, approximately 466,492 people were treated for football related...
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Ice, Heat, or Both?

You went a little overboard at your aerobics class and are feeling it in your knees. The arthritis in your hands is really causing achiness and stiffness today. Do you use ice, heat, or a combination of both? Here is some basic information to help you make the right decision....
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Shoulder Injury Prevention

School is out and summer activities are in full swing. Some of the activities most popular over the summer months involve using a lot of shoulder motion, i.e. baseball, softball, swimming, golf and tennis. The shoulder is really a “complex” of 5 different joints, over 30 muscles and 6 major...
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Water Goes Way Beyond Your Thirst

We have all heard by the time you are thirsty, you are on your way to dehydration. We know we are supposed to drink anywhere from 8 to 13 glasses of water per day for normal hydration. The amount of water in the average adult human body averages 57 –...
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Osteoporosis Awareness Month

Osteoporosis, just what exactly is it? You probably have heard it as the reason why your elderly grandmother or other relative began to walk with a more stooped posture. The word osteoporosis is from the Greek terms for “porous bones”. It basically is when the creation of new bone does...
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May is Arthritis Awareness Month

Arthritis. We all either have or know people who have “arthritis”, but did you know that there are actually more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions? The term comes from arthr- which means joint, and itis- which means inflammation. It has become an informal way of referring...
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