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Stress Fractures

One of the most common injuries in sports is a stress fracture. Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone. They are caused by repetitive force, often from overuse such as repeatedly jumping up and down or running long distances, which fatigues the muscles making them unable to absorb added...
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Fracture Basics

The average person will experience 2 fractures in their lifetime. A fracture is the medical term for a broken bone. They occur when the physical force exerted on the bone is stronger than the bone itself. Fractures are usually described by the location, how the bones are aligned, whether there...
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Meniscal Tears

One of the most common knee injuries are meniscal tears. Athletes, particularly those who play contact sports, are most at risk for meniscal tears. However, anyone at any age can tear a meniscus. When people refer to torn cartilage in the knee, they are usually referring to a torn meniscus....
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Total Knee Arthroplasty

If your knee is severely damaged by arthritis or injury, it may be hard for you to perform simple activities of daily living, such as walking or climbing stairs. You may even begin to feel pain while you are sitting or lying down. If nonsurgical treatments like medications and using...
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Can You Exercise Too Much?

We all know how important it is to exercise as part of your health regimen, to stay active and get some heart-pumping activity several times a week. There is an extensive list of benefits of a regular exercise program. But can you overdo this exercise? How do you know if...
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Fall Clean Up

Fall is in full swing and the cooler temperatures and wind are bringing the beautiful color mix of changing leaves tumbling down on lawns, sidewalks, and into eaves. Unfortunately, that signals the beginning of the fall clean up in our yards and the tasks of preparing for colder weather. Raking...
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