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The Benefits of Stretching Every Day

March 16, 2021

There are so many benefits of stretching, just simple reach above your head or down to your toes stretching.  This doesn’t even have to be a long workout of stretching, just some simple stretches every day can be so important to your health.  Here are some ways you benefit from stretching:
1.     Increases your flexibility helping your perform day to day activities with ease.
2.     Increases your range of motion giving your more freedom of movement.
3.     Improves your performance in physical activities such as exercise or athletic events. 
4.    Increases blood flow to your muscles shortening recovery time and reducing muscle soreness.
5.    Improves your posture, can reduce musculoskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment.
6.    Helps to heal and prevent back pain by loosening tight muscles and strengthening them to help prevent future injury. 
7.    Is great for stress relief by relaxing your neck, shoulders, and upper back. 
8.    Can calm your mind by focusing on mindfulness and meditation while you stretch. 
9.    Helps decrease tension headaches with regular muscle stretching in neck and shoulders.  
10.    Helps to warm your muscles and prepare you for your regular exercise activities and helps prevent injury. 

So try some stretching in the morning when you first get up to start your day, or in the middle of your work day get up and stretch.  It is a good way to refocus and energize!  

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