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Don't Have Time to Exercise...You Might Be Surprised!

April 11, 2018

Woman dressed in 1950's attire cleaning the kitchenRemember the mothers in those TV shows you watched as a child?  The majority were slender and appeared to be in very good shape, but you know they were not working out and sweating in a gym on a regular basis.  So how did they do it?  

In the time those shows depicted, they did not have the newest fancy cleaning equipment or supplies that we have now. They did more stretching, reaching, pushing, pulling, etc. as they went about their days as homemakers doing their daily/weekly cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  

Picture yourself, man or woman in this day and age, exaggerating the moves you use today to clean your house; doing your laundry, or fixing meals in your kitchen, reaching for pots and pans in upper cupboards, doing squats as you remove your laundry from the dryer or the laundry basket, lunges as you push your vacuum, extra trips up and down stairs for laundry or cleaning, and reaching more intentionally doing most of your dusting, scrubbing, and cleaning movements.  You might be surprised by just how much “more muscle” you can put into your normal daily or weekly routines and gain that extra exercise you need!   

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