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Golf - Is it Enough Exercise?

May 11, 2021

A lot of people can’t wait for warmer weather and spending a lot of time at the golf course over the summer.  Yes, golf is a sport and is exercise, but is it enough?   Here are four reasons why playing golf is more exercise than you think!

1.    Walking.  A golfer may walk four miles and burn 800-900 calories during an average round with help from swinging the clubs.  If you ride in a cart, the distance drops to about one mile and you burn about half the calories.  This walking is great cardiovascular exercise – try not to use the cart for the most benefit!  So you could meet your minimum exercise requirements if you walked two rounds of golf a week.  You may want to add a few days of higher intensity activity to round out your cardiovascular health however. 
2.    Strength Training.  Swinging the golf club is not very difficult strength training but the repetitive swinging gives your upper body a workout, as well as carrying the golf bag around the course.  Add in walking up the hills on the course, good training for your quadriceps and hamstrings, and each round will be a good strength training session. 
3.    Balance.  Another great benefit from playing golf is the workout for your core which helps improve and maintain good balance.  The golf swing works your core muscles, so a round of golf is great for your core strength which leads to better balance.  Great balance helps prevent back pain, falls, and a number of other dangerous conditions.  
4.    Concentration.  Recent research has shown that not only is golf great for exercising your body, but also exercising your brain.  Golf takes concentration on your swing, remembering numbers, and tips and techniques as you play.  This is all positive exercise for your brain and helps with memory retention.  

So overall, golf is a great way to get some exercise for people of all ages, for both the body and the mind!  

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