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It's Never Too Late to Start Exercising

August 7, 2019

Do you feel you are too out of shape or too old to start an exercise routine?  It is never too late to begin to exercise.  In fact, the older you get, the more benefits there are to exercising.  It provides full body and mind benefits to do some form of physical activity as often as possible.  Physically, exercise aids in weight loss or maintenance, it boosts the immune system, and builds strength and flexibility.  Mentally, exercise produces endorphins which are a natural mood lifter. Physical activity also helps with mind, mood, and memory.   In as little as 15 minutes of walking, you can improve your physical condition and mental attitude!

As you age, the level of strenuous physical activity may decrease, but there are many lower impact options for good full body workouts available.  Often, there are simple modifications that can be made to exercise routines to encompass any restrictions one may have with regard to age or injury.  These include exercises sitting in a chair or using more blocks and aids for extension in yoga sessions.  Strength training is just important as you age to prevent bone loss and maintain strength.  These exercises can easily be done using an exercise band in lieu of dumbbells and some can also be done in a seated position.  

No matter your age or physical condition, it is never too late to achieve the health benefits from physical activity.  Just keep moving!  

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