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New Year, New Goals!

December 19, 2019

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New Year, New Goals!

Don’t make that same old resolution this year to lose weight or get in shape.   Instead, set a specific small goal of starting a walking program to improve your health.  It’s easy, it’s free, and there are so many benefits.  Start with a short period of time - 5 minutes, 10 minutes; or a small number of steps – 500, 1000 with a tracker device or an app on your phone and gradually increase those numbers.  Take it slow, the easier it is to do, the more consistent you will become until it becomes a habit. Take it outside if the weather is decent and the paths are clear, the fresh air is an added benefit; march in place at home as you watch TV or during the commercials.  As you begin, you will surprise yourself as the ways you can add to your time and length without much effort.

The benefits of walking, at any age, include:
1. Maintaining a healthy weight, or getting to a healthy weight.
2. Prevent or manage various conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.
3. Strengthen your bones and muscles
4. Improve your mood
5. Improve your balance and coordination
6. Improve your digestion
7. De-stress and clear your mind
8. Re-energize and spark your creativity

Walking is something most people are able to do, a little, or a lot; fast, or slow.  Start your new year on the path to a new you with a little walking every day.

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