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Shoulder Injury Prevention

June 7, 2018

Woman swimming lapsSchool is out and summer activities are in full swing.  Some of the activities most popular over the summer months involve using a lot of shoulder motion, i.e. baseball, softball, swimming, golf and tennis.  The shoulder is really a “complex” of 5 different joints, over 30 muscles and 6 major ligaments.  The shoulder can assume no less than 1,600 different positions!

To help prevent injuries to the shoulder when participating in shoulder motion activities such as throwing, swinging a racquet or bat, or swimming strokes, always spend time performing a good warm up for the shoulder muscles.  It is important to use the proper technique when throwing a ball, swinging a golf club or bat, and swimming strokes to avoid injury to the shoulder. 

Prior to participating in sports involving shoulder motion, make specific shoulder exercises part of your workout routine.  It is important that your upper body strengthening sessions are balanced.  The imbalance of stronger front muscles and weaker back muscles of this area can contribute to shoulder injuries. 

Should you begin to have shoulder pain after participating in an activity, begin with ice, anti-inflammatories, and rest and slowly try to return to activity as the pain subsides.  If the pain persists, you should see an orthopedic physician to be evaluated, diagnosed, and begin the appropriate course of treatment to get you back in the game! 

We are here to help you get back to all those summer activities should you have an injury or accident this summer.  Call 515-955-6767 to make an appointment. 

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