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What Is A Sports Medicine Physician?

December 8, 2022

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Engaging in sports offers great benefits to a person’s body and mind. Not only does physical activity keep you in shape and help lower your chances of a wide variety of health conditions, but studies also show that exercise can help relieve mental stress, anxiety, and depression. However, as with any rigorous physical activity, sports injuries can be a frequent occurrence. When you or your loved one suffers a sports-related injury, the expert sports medicine doctors at Orthopedic Specialists are here to help you recover! In addition to regular appointments, we also offer walk-in sports injury clinics starting at 7:30 a.m. Monday - Friday. 

How Is A Sports Medicine Physician Different From A Primary Physician?

While your primary physician is well equipped to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments and conditions, they are not specialized in treating sports-related injuries. A sports medicine practitioner can work in a variety of settings including in a sports medicine clinic or as a team physician. They are well educated to treat muscular, skeletal, and joint injuries of any severity. Doctors working in sports injury clinics will often treat injuries such as bone fractures, tennis elbow, torn ACL ligaments, and sports hernias, and can even assist in the treatment of brain injuries such as concussions. 

Using their specialized training, practitioners in sports medicine are able to not only heal the body but work to restore range of motion, strength, and physical endurance following an injury. They will often follow their patients through every stage of recovery to help the patient have the best possible outcome. If you are an athlete of any skill level and suffer an athletic injury, seeing a specialized sports medicine professional is crucial for optimal injury recovery. 

Why Should You See Orthopedic Specialists For Your Sports Medicine Needs?

Comprehensive Care

At Orthopedic Specialists, we treat athletic injuries of all types, from the most severe to minor sprains and strains. Whether you suffer from an ankle sprain or knee pain from running to a severe football injury, our practitioners and experts in sports physical therapy are ready to help you recover and thrive. Our staff will not only get you back to doing what you love, but they will also educate you on the best ways to prevent a future injury. 

Specialized Care: The Best Quality of Care

The staff in our centers for sports medicine are well-trained in athletic injury treatment and athletic injury prevention. Orthopedic Specialists’ sports medicine clinics use the latest in surgical and nonsurgical methods to not only allow you to heal quickly but to resume your sporting activities at an optimum physical level. For surgical solutions, our orthopedic clinics have the best and most experienced orthopedic surgeons in the state of Iowa. Our orthopedic doctors will craft a recovery plan for you including the most effective physical therapy and surgical solutions.

Access To Innovative Treatments & Wearable Orthopedic Equipment

Orthopedic Specialists is the best choice for your sports injury care because we are constantly improving and adapting the newest and most effective techniques and equipment. Over the last several decades, sports medicine has made leaps and bounds in the treatment of injuries. We believe you deserve the best quality of care and the best possible outcome, so our surgeons in orthopedic sports medicine are constantly upgrading their training and equipment to offer the most effective forms of treatment for our patients. 

Our sports physical therapists are also regularly trained in the newest ways to help you recover from an injury. Physical therapy is an important part of achieving the best outcome and our skilled physical therapists are required to learn the latest techniques to restore the performance of an athlete after suffering a sports-related injury. The physical therapists at our sports medicine clinics can help you deal with any sort of injury from assisting in your surgical recovery to treating a tennis elbow or a pulled hamstring. Many athletes can benefit from the nonsurgical treatment of these more common pulled muscles and inflamed tendons. Our sports physical therapy experts will also train an athlete in special stretches and warm-up techniques to prevent reinjury in the future. 

We also offer durable medical equipment such as braces, splints, supportive pillows to assist in injury recovery, orthopedic shoe inserts, and more. These orthopedic supports can not only assist in sports injury recovery, but also in preventing common sports injuries and conditions. 

Get The Best Sports Medicine Care At Orthopedic Specialists

Our experienced physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons are ready to heal your body and return you to the activities you love. Don’t let a sports injury keep you sidelined when you can get the best treatment available and get back in the game. Contact us today or use our locations page to find one of our state-of-the-art sports medicine clinics near you. We also offer walk-in sports injury clinics starting at 7:30 a.m. Monday - Friday. 

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