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You Have to Exercise on a Regular Basis

April 25, 2019

It is probably a safe bet to say that a large amount of patients hear “you have to exercise on a regular basis” when they visit their family physician, especially if they have some medical issues.  But where to find the time?  People are busier than ever with work, family, extra activities, and social obligations. If you don’t belong to a gym and really cannot carve out specific times each week for formal exercise, try moving more in the moment.  10 minutes several times a day can add up to 30 minutes of exercise.

Reaching higher when getting things out of cupboards or just a nice reach when you are standing up.  Do a side bend or two when you stand up from sitting before you go on your way.   Stand up frequently during the day if you have a sit-down job, touch your toes and reach over your head.  Take a walk around the office every hour – those steps will add up.  Exaggerate your movements when you are doing your normal cleaning at home, making bigger circles as you wipe down the counter and the appliances or washing windows.  Squat low to put clothes in and out of the dryer, or putting dishes in and out of the dishwasher, and reach higher when putting dishes or groceries away.   Walk and up and down the stairs a few extra times a day just for the movement.  There are lots of opportunities for reaching and stretching as you do your dusting up and down in your house.  Pay attention as you go about your normal activities and try to add that extra movement whenever you can.  You will be surprised to see what a difference it can make, even if you don’t have time for a formal exercise program.   

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