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Orthopedic Specialists' doctors are often featured in news media as leading orthopedic surgeons and specialists in providing high quality care in virtually all areas of the body. Bookmark this page and check back often to see the latest news and events on Orthopedic Specialists, its expert team of orthopedic surgeons and specialists, and its line of orthopedic services.

Playground Safety Tips for Kids

Playgrounds are busy places this time of year, especially on these beautiful summer days! Each year, more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospital Emergency Rooms for playground-related injuries. Many of these injuries could have been prevented. We want kids to have lots of fun, but also not to get...
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Spring is Finally Here!

The days are gradually waxing and waning into warm, sunny days and later hours of daylight. It is time to begin thinking about all of those outside activities for you and your family. This is the time to make a habit of putting down all of those electronic devices we...
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Hip Impingement Syndrome

Your hip joint is where your thigh bone meets your pelvis. It is called a ball-and-socket joint because the ball-like top of your thigh bone fits into a cup-like area within your pelvis, much like a ball fits into a glove. Normally this ball glides smoothly within the socket, but...
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