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The staff at Orthopedic Specialists works very hard to provide our patients with a high level of medical expertise and services. We strive to achieve ultimate patient satisfaction in all that we do. We love to hear our patients' stories, because it means that we are providing exceptional service! Read our patient testimonials below to see what our patients are saying about us.

All nurses/staff were 100% nice and glad I was there!

Patsy S.

I was impressed with my whole experience with my surgery with ISH.

Dennis C.

I had a total knee replacement surgery recently, and I received a note with all the caregivers' names.

These people were excellent in helping me in various ways - I'm thanking them now and stating how grateful I am for their kindness.

Janine P.

I can't think of anything more that you could've done!

Sonja H.

Every staff person that crossed my health care path was responsive, supporting, and competent.

Brad K.

Angels - yes there are angels on earth.  I know - I met them at the hospital in Clarion, Iowa.

June J.

Dr. Emile Li and Dr. Andrew Odland are "the best of the best"!

Michele J.

The experience with Iowa Specialty Hospitals has been great. I feel I would not have had this quality of care at other clinics or hospitals. Dr. Odland explained procedures and my status to me, and I feel I had expert hands-on care. The hospital and Dr. Odland's staff were exceptional initially with getting me scheduled and then making sure I had the best experience possible.

I knew I made the right decision to have surgery at this facility!  Dr Li is an outstanding doctor who reassured me of his abilities from day one. It’s been a full week now, and I am doing well with little to no pain, which validates his outstanding abilities!!!!!  I can’t say enough positive things about this team, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for the care I received!

Everything that needed to be done for me was accomplished. I received excellent care at your hospital. Everyone who I came into contact with was very professional and supportive. Dr. Odland is amazing. Nurse Kristy was outstanding as well. Surgery team was amazing! I received fantastic care!

Stephanie .

I will forever seek the services of Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics when necessary and continue to brag to everyone about the care I received.  Thank you to everyone so much for every part you each played in this process.  

Ali M.

Listen to Iowa Weight Loss Specialists' bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eibes, experience receiving back surgery from Dr. Lynn Nelson.

I am glad to have met Dr. Nelson and to have had him as my surgeon for my surgery and back issues.

Press Ganey Comment

Please recognize all the great staff and providers at your Belmond facility as they provided the best experience I have had to date!


Thank you to the staff of Iowa Specialty Hospital for giving me my quality of life back.


I can't think of anything that ISH could have done better to provide more of a "Wow" experience.

This was my 3rd surgery at ISH - 2 at Clarion and 1 at Belmond.  Great staff at both!


Everything went off according to plan. I feel I had the "wow" experience.


Thank you to Dr. Odland and his surgical team for the successful surgery they performed on my knee replacement. I have nothing but admiration for this team and the hospital. Thanks to all and keep up the good work. This hospital is top notch and will recommend ISH to anyone.


I continually sing the praises of Dr. Andrew Odland and all the medical staff at Iowa Specialty Hospital in Clarion.

Carol Ann

As far as I'm concerned, I had a "Wow" experience for the exceptional care that I was given both times I was at this hospital.


“I can honestly say this was been the best Hospital experience I have ever had in my life time. The staff didn’t treat me like another patient but like family.” Manuel continued.

Dr. Palit is the best…he is caring, explains everything so that you understand


I will recommend your hospital to others. Really glad to know there is a good place for health care in our community.

Eric S.

Dr. Li is the BEST - which you already know.

Sharon T.

The staff was outstanding!  I also want to thank Dr. Nelson as for weeks prior, other health care providers really didn't listen to how much pain I was in.

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The employees in this office give awesome care to their patients.

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I would recommend them again and again and would go to them again. Very happy! Thank for taking care of me!

Kraig B.

Dr. Palit was very personable.

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"I would recommend these orthopedic surgeons."

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Most thoughtful and courteous individual I've ever dealt with.

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I had a chance to interact with quite a few of the staff members during my visit.  They were all very friendly and showed concern for my situation, both the medical and the situation concerning my insurance.

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Ben Becker was awesome.  He showed a concern due to my x-ray and took the precautions to rule out the worst...

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"I have seen several providers & other staff in this office many times. My rating overall would be excellent..."

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Very good experience overall.  I was glad Doc Li sent me to physical therapy - it helped me very much.  Good job, to all concerned.

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"Very good experience. I had an x-ray of my right knee, and Ben Becker explained the results to me clearly. He has a caring personality."

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"Matt is always very helpful and professional."

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Every visit, I always get the answers that I need and everyone is always courteous and helpful.

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Very good experience. Staff is always very respectful and kind, as is Dr. Palit.

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Dr. Li, and his associate Matt Moritz, are far and above the best in their field.  I highly recommend them to everyone I know.

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Dr. Odland is an excellent physician!  My shoulder surgery went extremely well - shoulder is great!

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"The staff was pleasant & helpful. Had a great nurse. Dr. Li was nice and told me all about my injury..."

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I appreciate all of you.  I have several friends and family who have had treatment with you.

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"I always feel that I get the best care at your office..."

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"They got me in to see a doctor within 2 days..."

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I totally trust Dr. Li. He always spends time with you and answers all questions!

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I was very happy with the visit and the explanation I got about the problem.

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Ben is the best, and I am very happy with how he is determined to get to the bottom of the problem I went to him for.

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