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All of the therapists were great!

By Robert O.

It has been one year since my total hip replacement.  My doctor was Dr. Andrew Odland, with many fine people all around. All went well - in the hospital until midafternoon, then home. Kinda tough at home - spending time lying down is hard due to my back pain. Even though the meds made me anxious, and I paced and looked out the window a lot, all was still going ok and moving forward. The nice part was an afternoon truck ride in the area where I hunt deer.  I got to settle down a bit.  Physical therapy made me a little tired but happy that it was going very well. My wife ("PT Boss" and "Meds Boss") did a great job at home.

All of the therapists were great! I was qualified and released early from physical therapy with of course instructions for homework.  

All 6-week and 6-month X-rays and visits with Dr. Odland have been very positive. I am able to put socks on, clip toenails, and tie shoes.  Nice!  My one-year visit is scheduled and should not be a problem.

I still have joint pain (in my other hip, my knees, and my shoulders), so there may be a return visit for another issue, but I will return with great confidence.  You have surrounded yourselves with great people! 

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