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I Will Forever Seek Services of ISH

By Ali M.

I cold-called the Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics early one morning and explained to her that I was in pain and needed to see someone about my hip. I was so impressed with her professionalism and understanding of my circumstances, and she immediately assisted me as efficiently as the schedule allowed. Within two weeks, I had an appointment with Dr. Odland.  I walked into the Garner Clinic and felt welcomed from the start. I saw Dr. Odland, x-rays were ordered, therapy started, followed by more testing, informative classes, and hip replacement surgery on October 3, 2022.  I struggled to "wake up" after surgery, and apparently, I was quite amusing in recovery (I remember nothing), and I was wheeled to a bed to spend the night!  I did eventually wake up, but not until nightfall!  I just wanted to sleep more.  Recovery was a bit rough for me, but looking back now it was a process that was necessary. I was impressed by the fact that Dr. Odland called me a few days after surgery to check on me. I went from not being able to walk much or sit correctly for many months prior to the surgery, to then walking the terminus (end) of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia in March!!!  I now walk 5-8 miles most every day.  I CAN WALK!  Dr. Odland and everyone at the Clarion Hospital and Garner Clinic are the best medical personnel ever.  I will forever seek the services of Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics when necessary and continue to brag to everyone about the care I received.  Thank you to everyone so much for every part you each played in this process.  
Always, Ali

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