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The staff was outstanding!

By Press Ganey Comment

The staff was outstanding! We are so glad I was referred to this location. The hospitality was better than we imagined. You all made this day feel less scary, not stressful, and I felt like you all took the time to inform us on answers to questions, and really get to know us.

We spent most of our day with Natalie and she was so sweet and fun. We appreciated how Natalie asked for help getting me up for the first time, and there were 3 nurses right there to assist. They all worked together as a team and were fun and happy and made me feel as a patient that I mattered.

I also loved how multiple nurses and other staff came down to see me after surgery and to talk about the bulging disc that was removed and show it to us on the photo. I also liked how Wendy and (can't remember her name for anesthesiologist) came to introduce themselves to me so I knew what to expect.

As a patient this made me feel comfortable as I had seen their faces before surgery and their confirmation of words of what to expect and they would be there afterwards.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your assistance on the day of my surgery.

I also want to thank Dr. Nelson as for weeks prior, other health care providers really didn't listen to how much pain I was in, and being referred to Dr. Palit and then to Dr Nelson, I can tell they truly cared and wanted to help me as quickly as possible.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart as those 10 weeks before surgery were miserable, and after surgery, I couldn't believe how I had no sharp shooting pain when walking, no tingling feet, or leg spasms...

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