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Physical Therapy Services at Orthopedic Specialists

Picture of man performing physical therapy servicesThe providers at Orthopedic Specialists work in conjunction with the physical therapy departments at all four of our office locations to help return our patients to active living, free of pain and discomfort. Our area physical therapists offer a comprehensive range of services. They help restore the function of our patients after injury, surgery, and illness!

Physical therapy treatment may include the use of modalities and various forms of therapeutic exercise to enhance function and strengthen muscles.

Some physical therapy services we provide include:

  • Pre and postsurgical rehabilitation

  • Functional rehabilitation of assisted return to activity

  • Pain management via exercise and modalities

  • Strength building exercises                                                             

  • Spinal alignment

  • Spinal stabilization

  • Posture education exercises/ body mechanics training                                  

  • Postoperative rehabilitation programs

  • Athletic injury rehabilitation

  • Man completing phyiscal therapy exercises with band between handsSports medicine education and exercises

  • Injury education/ fall prevention

  • Rehabilitation after fractures, sprains, and strains

  • At home exercise programs

  • Arthritic condition/ fibromyalgia (widespread muscle pain and tenderness) programs

The benefits of physical therapy vary depending on how much effort you invest in therapy and the reason for your treatment. Many people experience improved mobility and movement, pain relief, and better balance!

From injury rehab to pain management, our doctors of physical therapy are here to help you! To learn more about our physical therapy services, please call Orthopedic Specialists at (515) 955-6767 or schedule an appointment with Orthopedic Specialists today!

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