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To provide complete care for our patients, Orthopedic Specialists provides durable medical equipment (DME) services on-site at each of our four orthopedic clinic locations. As a proud partner of Iowa Specialty Hospital, we provide some of the highest quality care in Iowa. We strive to provide total care for all of our patients beyond surgery, physical therapy, and injury recovery. 

We offer a wide variety of medical equipment to support recovery and provide pain relief from chronic conditions. Whether you are recovering from a broken bone, torn ACL, foot problems, or simply looking to promote the healing process, our equipment is orthopedic surgeon-approved. 

Durable Medical Equipment at
Orthopedic Specialists:

  • Orthotics, Including Custom Orthotics

  • Shoe Inserts

  • Orthopedic Splints

  • Magnetic Braces

  • Gait Belts

  • Back Supports

  • Neck and Back Pillows

  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Ankle Supports

  • Hip and Knee Supports

  • Athletic Supporters and Other Sports Medicine Equipment

  • Orthopedic Exercise Products

  • Traction Products

  • Creams, Lotions, and Powders

To find medical equipment near you, find one of our four locations across Iowa. For any questions regarding equipment or other services offered by Orthopedic Specialists, please call (515) 955-6767.

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