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Hand Treatment

Hand Anatomy 101

The hand consists of dozens of bones and joints, as well as ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and cartilage that work together to perform routine, everyday tasks. The frequency in which we use our hands makes them prone to injuries, dislocations, sprains, and fractures. Repetitive hand muscle motions while at work or participating in activities can lead to hand pain and stiffness, and even chronic conditions. Tendinitis, tendon injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis in the hands are all common conditions. In some cases, nonsurgical treatment options aren’t sufficient and hand surgery is the best treatment route.  

Specialized Treatment Solutions

At Orthopedic Specialists, our specialty-trained orthopedic hand surgeons provide highly specialized care and treatment for hand injuries and conditions. This care includes, but is not limited to, hand bone fracture repair, tendon and nerve repair, carpal tunnel release (for carpal tunnel syndrome), De Quervain’s release, trigger finger release, tendon, and nerve reconstruction, compression and, congenital reconstruction, and fracture repair.

With the frequency in which we use our hands, it’s crucial to not leave an injury or condition untreated. Here at Orthopedic Specialists, we provide personalized, knowledgeable care specific to each patient’s needs. Get the care you deserve, you’re in good hands!

If you are experiencing hand pain or a hand injury, schedule an appointment with Orthopedic Specialists today!

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